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Setting up a new domain in our control panel takes seconds, but there are some things outside of our control that will also need doing. Once you've set up the domain in the control panel you'll need to change the customer's MX Records to the following so we can filter their email.

Please refer to the following Guide for the MX records you need. https://support.everycloud.com/solution/articles/4000038125-essential-set-up-documentation


Please note, depending on the DNS system, web service or provider in use, it might be necessary to finalise the MX entry with a single dot (.) 

Example: MX Prio 10 mx101.everycloudtech.com.


In order to identify a quick response in case of an error, we advise you to reduce your TTL time (e.g. to 300, which equals 5 minutes). This way any potentially wrong settings will not be buffered by external mail servers for 24 hours.

Watch the following video to see how to set up a customer in the partner area