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What is it?

The Infomail filter is in place to capture emails sent from mass marketing and bulk mail campaigns. 

If the user wants to receive mail, that is currently being filtered by Infomail, they can Whitelist the Senders email address. Every Whitelist created and activated by either the user, customer, EveryCloud or a compliance filter, will overrule the Infomail filter.


The Infomail filter is enabled by default upon account creation. 


To de-activate Infomail

There are 2 ways to deactivate the Infomail filter. 

Method 1: Turning it off for individual users. 

If you want to disable the Infomail filter for just specific users you need to do this in the Management>Postboxes>User Options>Infomail tab

**Note if you try this and notice that the field is greyed out, not allowing you to disable the Infomail filter for just a specific user make sure that the check box labeled Allow Users to Turn Infomail Filter on/off is enabled under Management>Email>Filtering**

Method 2: Turning it off for an entire customer domain

If you want to disable the Infomail filter for all users in a given domain you can do this under Management>Email>Filtering

Obviously we do not recommend turning off the Infomail filter, but for some users/customers it can be disruptive. Please keep in mind this may increase the number of false negatives your users see. If you have a user/customer report spam making it through please make sure that it does not contain things like Unsubscribe Links in the body or x-Anti-Abuse tags in the header before reporting these to support as these emails will have been captured by the Infomail filter.