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In the users Workspace for Email Search or Email Archive sections - If a user double clicks on their name it will automatically appear in the search boxes for FROM and TO. Especially useful for Administrators.

They can also further refine these searches by using the following field limiters

  • DATE - Drop down box - Where most options are self explanatory, “Select” allows you to specify a date range i.e. 01/01/2013 to 01/05/2013.
  • SUBJECT - You can search for keywords in the title (only) of the email.
  • DISPLAY FILTER - Tells you why any "non clean" emails have been delayed/quarantined.
  • Statistics - Click on the Statistics tab in the Control Panel and search using the same Date ranging as for the Email search (above). For both mail Incoming emails, Outgoing emails or both. Any result generated from these searches can be exported as a .CSV (Plain text file and suitable for use by Excel etc) or PDF format. The Pie chart relates to an overview of the period specified in both the DATE & EMAIL DIRECTION tabs but it is not as accurate as the associated and juxtaposed Line Bar chart, which is a much more real time indicator of email trends.