Reason  Definition  Activity
450 4.1.1  Rejection when relay check is enabled  Blocked
450 4.1.8  Sender address rejected: Domain not found  Blocked
450 4.5.5  Header Checks Defer  Blocked
450 4.5.6  Temporary Blocked
450 4.5.7  Temporary Blocked
504 5.5.2  Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address  Blocked
550 5.1.1  Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address  Blocked
550 5.5.3  Recipient address rejected: Multi-recipient bounce  Blocked
552 5.2.2  Sender/Recipient rejected  Blocked
552 5.5.2  Message size (content filter)  Blocked
554 5.5.3  e-mail Rejected Content Filter Size  Blocked
554 5.5.4  Spam IP rejected  Blocked
554 5.5.5  e-mail Rejected Spam  Blocked
554 5.5.6  Loop detection > 10 mal X-antispameurope-disclaimer  Blocked
554 5.5.7  e-mail Rejected Content Attachment  Blocked
554 5.6.1  Spam Header rejected  Blocked
554.5.6.2  Spam Link rejected  Blocked
554 5.6.3  Spam Body rejected  Blocked
554 5.6.4  Virus E-Mail Blocked  Blocked
554 5.7.1  unknown domain or unknown recipient (LDAP check)  Blocked
virus  Virus found (based on signature)  Virus
virus  Malware link, phishing or virus outbreak detected  Virus
admin-bl  Blacklist controlled by admin  Quarantined
ase-bl  Individual blacklist controlled by Support dep.  Quarantined
ase-recap1  Diffuse spam fingerprint  Quarantined
ase-rep1  IP reputation list1  Quarantined
ase-rep2  IP reputation list2  Quarantined
ase-rep4  URL / IP reputation list 4  Quarantined
bodytag  Spam signature in mail text  Quarantined
dirtyip  Reputation filter on IP basis  Quarantined
fingerprint  Re-captured spam mail by hash  Quarantined
header  Spam signature in mail header  Quarantined
link  Ads link  Quarantined
rbl50  pre-stage to 554 5.5.4 but not blocking yet  Quarantined
sameip  Signature recognition of spam engines  Quarantined
score  Dynamic contents evaluation  Quarantined
ScoreTag  Dynamic contents evaluation  Quarantined
spam  Reputation filter based on sender server  Quarantined
spamip-net  IP range of servers with poor reputation  Quarantined
spam-sum  Spam fingerprint  Quarantined
subjecttag  Spam signature in subject line  Quarantined
user-bl  Blacklist controlled by the user  Quarantined
wc  Spam pattern recognition  Quarantined
xarg  Bounce attack or individual customer rule  Quarantined
zombie  Botnet computer  Quarantined
content  Inadmissible attachment (content filter)  Content
admin-wl  Whitelist controlled by admin  Valid
asespf1  Known sender, type 1  Valid
asespf2  Known sender, type 2  Valid
ase-wl  Individual whitelist controlled by the support dep.  Valid
big2  Maximum mail size valid for spam check exceeded  Valid
bigmessage  Maximum mail size valid for spam check exceeded  Valid
body-wl  Whitelist signature in mail text, type 1  Valid
body-wl2  Whitelist signature in mail text, type 2  Valid
header-wl  Whitelist signature in header, type 1  Valid
header-wl2  Whitelist signature in header, type 2  Valid
knownsender  Sender address with positive reputation, type 1  Valid
noreason  Unevaluated mail  Valid
qsender2  Sender address with positive reputation, type 2  Valid
realbounce  Sent via bounce management  Valid
score  Dynamic contents evaluation  Valid
sender-ip  IP sender address has a positive reputation  Valid
subject-wl  Whitelist signature in subject line, type 1  Valid
subject-wl2  Whitelist signature in subject line, type 2  Valid
user-wl  Whitelist controlled by user  Valid
xarg-wl  Bounce mail or individual customer rule  Valid