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The Following article will provide a guideline on how to remove blacklisted items from your spam report. Please read it carefully.

To stop a Blacklisted email from appearing in your spam report you need to select the correct report.

Selecting the appropriate Quarantine Report:

By default, once an item has been added to the users blacklist it will show up in the End User Spam Report with reason "User Blacklist" or if on the admin blacklist will say "Admin Blacklist"

If you do not want the black listed items shown within the Quarantine Report you need to change the default template from EveryCloud Tech: End User Spam Report to EveryCloud Tech: Spam Report (No blacklist)

  1. Click on ‘Management'  
  2. Click on ‘Email’  
  3. Click on ‘Spam Report’ 
  4. Click the 'Report Dropdown'  

The three default reports available are described below:

  • EveryCloud Accumulative Report

This is the report to use when you wish to have the report sent to a central contact and not the individuals.

  • EveryCloud End User Quarantine Report

This is the Standard end user report.

  • EveryCloud End User Quarantine Report (No Blacklist)

This is the Standard report but it will not show any items that have been added to your blacklist.

Should you wish to check your blacklist at anytime you can see it in the Control Panel under "Blacklist/Whitelist

Our Support team are available to help you contact details can be found Here.