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LDAP synchronises AD passwords only, for login purposes to the Control Panel.


It all depends on the relay check settings in the control panel and how they are set.


a) If the relay check is just ticked for use with LDAP and it is non-functional, or is active but unpopulated for some reason. Then the mail will not be accepted.


b) If however the LDAP is populated by use of a synch. Then the mail will be accepted


c) If the relay checks SMTP/LDAP option is ticked then the mail server will first be asked does the user exists. If yes, then the mail will be accepted.


d) If the relay check has only the SMTP option checked (this is the standard), then the mail server will be asked if the user is allowed or not? (In short do their email addresses appear on the customer’s mailserver)? If they do, then the mail will be accepted. If they don't? It won't.


EveryCloudTech acts purely as a transparent service as far as the mail server of the customer is concerned. We don’t really exist as the mail server doesn’t really “see” us as such. Once the mail server has been asked the question do I deliver or not? Then it depends purely on the response of the customer’s mail server as to whether we do or not. If it says "No" then we say "No" too. If it says "Yes", then we deliver the mail to it.


It is important that the customer is aware that this is where our involvement ends. What happens to the mail after its confirmed acceptance by the customer’s server to our servers, is no longer within our remit to track, monitor or resolve any issues in subsequent delivery to the customer’s users. This is because we have no influence over the settings and configurations of the customer’s mail server or any of their associated servers.