- A maximum of 60 individual connections each 3 minutes, per relay server.

- Per connection you may send 30 e-mails in 3 minutes per relay server

- 6 relay servers

I.e. You can send 10800 mails per 3 minutes = 60 connection x 30 e-mails x 6 server

Attention: Most sending MTA's will establish a single connection and send multiple emails in a single connections , so theoretically you should never reach the limit if you do not attempt to establish a new connection every time you would like to send an email

To not limit yourself you have to use all available relay servers beyond

Please note, that EveryCloud will reserve the right to rate down connection limits, when we monitor a high load of e-mail relaying which affects the performance of other customers.

If you intend sending continuous bulk emails - newsletters and the recipients have explicitly subscribed to the content and you require a higher rate, EveryCloud can provide an additional sending service: please contact

IMPORTANT NOTE: That the above applies to all EU US AND AUS Datacenter’s