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Very Important! - Repeated spam sending by customers.

It is EveryCloud`s policy that when a customer has been found sending spam once and then twice, having been notified on both occasions by EveryCloud, and then does so again for a third time within a relatively short period of time, we will activate our "three strikes and you are out" clause. So even though the client may state that everything is ok, we will ban that server from relaying via our relay server.


Questions we have been asked regarding an occurrence of outbound Spam:

1. Will you send us and the customer the details with some way to detect the presence of outbound spam?




2. Will you provide some evidence of outbound spam?


Yes, we send you details of the header of the outbound spam mail.


3. Is there a list of anti-relay measures or guidance for customers?


Keep an eye on your configuration: do not allow anyone to relay via your server and limit permissions to known IPs or accounts with SMTP-auth. Regarding generic accounts (webmaster, admin etc.) and use strong passwords.


4. Does your service block the outbound spam?


Virus mails are always blocked. If we detect suspicious mass mailings (monitoring the content, amount of unusual mail flow, unknown sender etc.) we manually take a look before we block the mails to avoid false positives.

5. Are all outbound emails tested for spam content?