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Important: Before using any of these procedures please be absolutely sure that all non-required user mail boxes have either been deleted or removed on the customers server for failure to do so will mean that the user number will creep up again if using the SMTP/LDAP relay check.

First delete all users within the domains Control Panel (CP) account. There are several ways of doing this via the Control Panel.  

1. Select each user in the list and delete them. 


2. For multiple or mass user deletions we suggest that you navigate to the USER tab but this time instead of choosing an individual user look to your right at the USER section and uncross each user on the list with the "X" and then click on the SAVE button. Using this method means you only have to deliver these changes once in the Control Panel.


There are three methods to re-populate the User list after your deletion.

Method 1 

Select the SMTP option in the relay check. 

User accounts should be recreated after receiving 2 clean emails within a 24 hour period. We run a script at 11pm each night that creates new users. 

Method 2 

  • Create a list of users to be imported into the CP (usually in a .csv format) using the Syntax delimiters  shown in the attached screenshot (Import). 
  • Navigate to the Management>User> Import tab.
  • Click on the IMPORT button below the field. 
  • Click on the SELECT FILE radio button and choose the list you have created. 
  • Click on the IMPORT radio button. A second pop-up table appears and you select the ADD + DELETE OLD radio button. 
  • Select the IMPORT radio button option. (The list should now only contain those email addresses which appear in your newly created list of users). 
  • Click on the now flashing SAVE button and a confirmation message will appear below in the messages box.  

This method should be fully valid within 30-60 minutes after user list import activation. It also negates the need for you to delete the user list as a first step.

Method 3 

Select the LDAP relay check and create an LDAP connection. 

The time taken for this to become fully valid will depend entirely upon:  

1) How quickly you create and activate the LDAP connection in the CP.

2) The fact that the LDAP Sync happens several times each day. A minimum of 3 times. 1 in the morning, 1 at noon, 1 in the evening. It depends on the exact configuration, and can differ by 1-2 hours. Also a daemon runs 3 times a day, to deploy the synchronisations to our systems and the Control Panel, this populates all the users coming from the latest LDAP sync.