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LDAP :  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 

EveryCloud Technologies control panel LDAP module, enables a direct, light weight query to be established with a designated on-premises AD (Active Directory) infrastructure: our LDAP modules are optimised for Microsoft's Active Directory .

The LDAP query script runs continually every 3 hours from 07:30 GMT. During the synchronisation query, users and users aliases may be synchronised to EveryCloud Technologies control panel, which are then available from within the management tab -> users

LDAP synchronisation data maybe used in two different ways

  • The inbound email relay check if set to 'Control panel', as an alternative to SMTP relay checking, verify with the previous LDAP user synchronisation results if a user is a genuine deliverable address. 

Additional Information:

Please be advised that the LDAP sync is performed in a linear fashion starting at the times outlined above. By linear fashion we mean that the system script traverses through each customers LDAP configuration one at a time , so although the sync starts at for example 07:30 GMT and then every 3 hours , the sync will begin in alphabetical domain and traverse through, each domains LDAP settings and connecting harvesting users accordingly.

This means that it is not a multi threaded feature and so their will be some delay before the script arrives at a specific customers settings and there will be a delay before those users which have been harvested are then deployed to the back end databases and consequently the customers front end control panel view.