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  • Please create an AD (Active Directory) admin user, any user format is acceptable, although we do recommend standardisation, so a user named "webfilter" will suffice. The admin user does not have to have a SMTP email address or mail box associated with it.
  • Please allocate the user a strong password and ensure the new AD user password is not set to expire at the next log in, which is default in Active Directory
  • Then navigate to the 'Management' tab -> Click on the customer name in the left hand side -> Expand the 'Domains' section -> click on the primary domain, depicted as a green globe -> and navigate to the 'LDAP connection' on the right of the screen
  • You will then need to complete the following example text boxes

  • Users, groups and aliases may be harvested and populated to the control panel via the LDAP query for inbound mail relay checking if required
  • Users populated via LDAP, once activated, will be able to log into the control panel using there own designated AD credentials
  • We strongly recommend that the LDAP connection is setup on port 636 and the LDAPs is used. This will ensure an encrypted connection between your AD server and our lookup servers

You may then activate LDAP user Sync, which will dynamically harvest users from your Directory every 3 hours.Once LDAP user Sync has been activated please set the relay check to 'Control panel' as when users are harvested they will be populated to the control panel and the system will then only accept emails for those users populated via LDAP user sync


  • Users should always authenticate and log into the control panel at least once with there AD credentials in order to ensure, that they are able to log correctly into EveryCloud Technologies Continuity service or Webmail service if activated as a service.