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Ingestion via the customer providing EveryCloud Technologies with a Portable hard drive.


  1. Customer Initiates the Request - Please contact your account manager to formalize the request and agree the cost of ingesting historical data as this is a chargeable service.
  2. Customer to Provide Portable Hard Drive - You will need to provide a portable hard drive that you will use to save the individual mail files to (see important requirements on portable hard drive contents below).
  3. Customer to Encrypt the Portable Hard Drive - In order to protect your data, we recommend that you encrypt the portable hard drive.  You will need to advise us of the encryption method used as well as the password.
  4. Customer to Deliver the Portable Hard Drive - You will then need to send the portable hard drive to EveryCloud Technologies (we will supply you with the correct address upon request) and then we will contact you for the Encryption key.
  5. Customer to Ensure Mailboxes Available in Control Panel – During the archiving process all emails will be assigned to one user within the Control Panel.
  6. Customer to Provide Default Import Mailbox Address - In the event a mailbox address does not exist within the Control Panel a new user must be created (the Default Import Mailbox Address).  All emails that cannot be directly assigned to the intended user will be assigned to this Default Import Mailbox Address.
  7. EveryCloud Technologies to Unpack and Analyse Data - The data provided will be unpacked and all emails analysed to ensure they will be assigned to specific email addresses already created in the Control Panel.  Names that cannot be identified correctly will be resolved in coordination with the customer.
  8. EveryCloud Technologies to Perform Consistency Check - After assigning all emails, the data and its mail address assignments will be verified for consistency.
  9. EveryCloud Technologies to Import Data – Only after the checks have been successfully completed will the import start.  The system will automatically detect the email direction (inbound / outbound) from the emails.  In the event this is not possible for an individual email, it will be imported as inbound.
  10. EveryCloud Technologies Test Import - After completing the data import a test of the imported data will start within the Control Panel. As soon as the test has been completed, the customer will receive a notification.

NOTE: Historical email ingestion may take up to 6 - 8 weeks to ingest and index correctly from the date your data is received. To avoid further delays it is important that the contents of the hard drive are correct as we will not be able to perform a partial import. Situations where post box files do not meet the requirements for import will cause delays as the hard drive is returned to the customer to correct before resending to EveryCloud Technologies.

Important Requirements on Portable Hard Drive Contents

  • Before you create the mail files we suggest you empty the folders "Trash" and "Drafts" in order to keep the resulting file sizes small and eliminate the cost of importing unnecessary data.
  • EveryCloud Technologies will accept only one of the following formats: .eml or.pst.
  • Perform checks on the contents of the hard drive before it is shipped as we will not be able to read corrupted files from the drive.
  • A post box must be generated for every person using the name of the primary email address (not aliases), for example user@domain.tld.pst
  • NOTE: The maximum size of 20 GB per file must not be exceeded. If post box files exceed this limit you will need to create multiple post box files that must include sequence numbers; for example:








There are other considerations that the customer must take into consideration costs wise.

For the data stored in the archive: If the import of data into a user’s mailbox exceeds the contract limit (25 GB per user per year) this may incur an additional storage charge.  The usual price being calculated according to the price list or by contract.

For data volumes being imported:  Whether the data on the portable hard drive being provided by the customer is compressed or uncompressed (e.g. PST files) it does not change the data volume totals.  The data volume total is calculated as the data is imported into the archive after it is uncompressed.  A possible compression of data in the archive is already included in the price calculation.  As a result the actual charge to the customer of the import (based on actual data volume imported) may vary from the estimated charge provided initially (based on estimated data volumes).

Price workarounds: EveryCloud Technologies will not accept multiple small segments/iterations of a larger data set. We will perform one archive ingestion only for each customer’s set of domains.  This means that a customer’s entire data set must be provided and meet all requirements from the outset and not in small segments.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in delays and increased charges due to repetition of import activities.