EveryCloud Technologies   

       There are 5 ways that genuine users can be added to the system.

  1. Set the relay check to SMTP in the 'Management' tab and the consequence of this ensures that users will be automatically created each 24 hour period, when our system observes that your mail server has defined that a recipient address is deliverable and your mail server has accepted more than 2 inbound clean emails to a specific mailbox (user creation script runs from 24:00 GMT / 19:00 EST, any additional inbound messages destined for recipients that you mail server does not verify exists will be rejected at the boundary. Each 24-hour period runs from 24:00 GMT / 19:00 EST to 24:00 GMT / 19:00 EST the next day , so if we have not observed inbound mail flow for at least 24 hours , users will not be created until the next schedule user creation script
  2. Set the relay check to 'Control Panel' and then fill out the LDAP connection tab details (user synchronisation) and our system will connect every 3 hours to your organisation's AD and pull users into the control panel. Link Email will then only be accepted for users that have been propagated using LDAP user sync.  
  3. Set the relay check to 'Control Panel' and click on 'users and select import, to import a local file

4. Click on users and add and add individually

5. Simply copy and paste your users directly into the control panel


If you decide to allow the system to create users automatically as per option 1? Users will then only then receive a spam report once the system has created the users.

Once users have been created, a spam report will be sent and at the very bottom of the users spam report, new users may click on a link and apply to our system for a password.

Clicking the "request password" link requires a user to navigate through a two-step verification process, whereby the user will first receive a user registration confirmation email containing an embedded link. 

  • Step one: Users should click the link contained within the user registration email and a system message will be provided

  • Step two: Users should then navigate back to the "Request password" tab and request a password