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Exchange 2003/2000, Outbound smarthost relay setup

1. Open Exchange System Manager and click on the plus sign (+) next to Connectors to see if you are already 

    using an SMTP Connector.

Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 comes with a pre-configured SMTP Connector as shown below:

2. If you need to create a new connector, right-click Connectors and select New > SMTP Connector. If a SMTP 

    Connector already exists, right-click the SMTP connector and select PropertiesThe SMTP Connector - 

    Properties page opens.

3. Give the connector a name. For example: "EveryCloud Outbound Relay".

4. Select: 'Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts' 

5. Input EveryCloud’s outbound smart host ‘outbound.everycloudtech.com’ and click 'Add'.

6. Choose your Exchange Server and then click 'Add'.

7. Go to the Address Space tab and click 'Add'.

8. Select the following default options:

  • Type = SMTP

  • Email domain = *
  • Cost = 1

  • Connector scope = Entire organization



    9. Click 'OK' and close the Exchange System Manager.


    10. Restart the following services for the settings to take effect:

  • Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine
  • Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)