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Exchange 2007/2010, Outbound smarthost relay setup

1.  Open Exchange Management Console (EMC)
2.  Click on the + next to Organization Configuration
3.  Select Hub Transport and select the Send Connectors tab:-

(If you can't see all the columns shown above, click View - Add/Remove Columns...)

Right-click on the existing Send Connector, select Properties

 4. Go to the Network tab.
 5. Select "Route mail through the following smart hosts:" and click Add:-


 6. Enter the smart-host as shown below



7. Click OK

8. Click ‘Change’  to set the authentication options, which should be set to ‘None’ as we authenticate against your public facing IP address, which should be added to the outbound relay section, of the EveryCloud Control panel under the ‘Management’ tab

The changes you've made to the Send Connector will take effect straight away, without you having to reboot the server or restart any services.