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If you have a need for a global Out of Office you may implement the following as a workaround using our spam filtering service.

  • You need to activate advanced routing on users from within the 'Management' tab. 
  • Then click on 'Users' and create a new user called 'Auto-responder'  give the user a password, activate and save.
  • Then click on 'Users' again and go to 'advanced routing on the left sub tab.
  • From the user name: drop down menu , select the user that you just created and check the radio button POP/IMAP and save.

  • Logout of the control panel and log back into the control panel with the users credentials you just created.
  • When logged in click, 'Account' -> 'Settings' and set your language via the drop down and save. ( You must do this or you will not be able to save the auto-responder message in the next steps)

  • You will be logged out, so log back in again, 'Account' -> 'Absence notice' -> 'Activate' tick box (construct your auto responder message and save)


So your preperation is done. Do this well in advance.. 

  • You will then need to log into your customers control panel goto -> 'Management' -> Compliance filter

          Create a new inbound complaince filter rule that says, ' Anything inbound to your customers domain (TO: domain.com) action BCC and than add the users             email address you created at the begining of this novel.

Allow a full hour for the rule to propogate.....done.