EveryCloud Technologies   

If you would like our system to accept and deliver your outbound email?  You will need to configure the service to accept emails from the public facing IP address, where we see connection attempts being sent from.

1.    Login to the Control Panel with Control Panel administrators rights.

2.    Navigate to the MANAGEMENT>EMAIL>FILTERING> tab.

3.    Scroll down to the OUTGOING RELAY/EMAIL TRAFFIC field

4.    Enter the Public Facing IP address(es)

5.    Click on the SAVE radio button and a confirmation of action will be seen in the MESSAGES box below.

6.    Please allow 30-90 minutes propagation time.

Important notes:

Only ports 25 & 587 can be used for OUTBOUND mail.

Customers can use port 587 for relaying, even when they have StartTLS set for use for encryption.

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply DKIM to outbound email.

If you are sending outbound through our hosted mailbox smarthost (smtp.everycloudtech.com) then this smarthost has a restriction of 35 recipients per mail. If you get any more than 35, then this is a bonus for you, but should not be used to compare against as the limit is 35 and will not be changed as it is a restriction to our hosted mailbox smarthost.

If you want to send a greater limit then you will have to connect to outbound.everycloudtech.com which is a full outbound mail server smarthost with a connection limitation of around 10k emails every 3 minutes, before doing this you will want to make sure the sending IP address is inserted into the Control Panel under Outgoing Relay IP 90 minutes in advance of the send connector changeover.