Outbound Connector (Process on premises Exchange 2013)


Access EAC (Exchange Admin Center)

You will need 'Mail Flow'

1. Click on ‘Mail Flow’

2. Click on ‘Send Connectors’

3. Click on '+'


You will be presented with the Send Connector Wizard:

1. Give the connector a name

2. Connection type is ‘Partner'

3. Click 'Next'



4. Click on ‘Route mail through smart hosts’ and then the plus sign + to add the name of the smart host


5. Enter EveryCloud’s Smart host which is one of the following and click 'Save'

EveryCloud's Non-US customers


EveryCloud's US customers



6. Click 'Next'

7. Set Smart host authentication to 'None' and click Next

8. The scope of the connector will be All. Click '+' to add * for Fully Qualified Domain Name and then click 'Save'


9. Click 'Next'

10. Click '+' to add a source server and then click 'finish'

To test the new connector, send an outbound email to an external email address. In the Control Panel>Workspace>Email Search, set filter to today's outgoing mail to check for the mail log of the message you've just sent.