Outbound Connector (Process on premises Exchange 2013)


Access EAC (Exchange Admin Center)

You will need 'Mail Flow'

1. Click on ‘Mail Flow’

2. Click on ‘Send Connectors’

3. Click on '+'


You will be presented with the Send Connector Wizard:


1. Give the connector a name

2. Connection type is ‘Partner'

3. Click 'Next'




4. Click on ‘Route mail through smart hosts’ and then the plus sign + to add the name of the smart host




5. Enter EveryCloud’s Smart host which is one of the following and click 'Save'

EveryCloud's Non US customers


EveryCloud's US customers



6. Click 'Next'

7. Set Smart host authentication to 'None' and click Next

8. The scope of the connector will be All. Click '+' to add * for Fully Qualified Domain Name and then click 'Save'


9. Click 'Next'

10. Click '+' to add a source server and then click 'finish'


To test the new connector, send an outbound email to an external email address. In the Control Panel>Workspace>Email Search, set filter to today's outgoing mail to check for the mail log of the message you've just sent.