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EveryCloud Technologies support ticket policy

When raising a support ticket with EveryCloud Technologies, our support staff will require some mandatory data accompanying each ticket. 

Providing the mandatory data will ensure that your ticket is investigated, categorised and responded to a quickly as possible.

If any of the below required data is not provided, the investigation, the categorisation and response to your ticket will be delayed and we will send an email back to you, asking that you provide the required information.

In complex cases EveryCloud may require additional data. 

A screen shot of the control panel work space will not suffice 

We will require the following information accompanying each case.

Queries relating to the transmission of email

  • Customers Top level domain as depicted within our control panel
  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Direction eg: Inbound or Outbound
  • Email Subject
  • Date/Time 
  • Reason code: (if captured by our system)
  • Capture classification: (clean, spam, virus, info-mail, content)
  • Short description of the issue: 
  • Internet header
  • Please also review the below section marked 'Important'
  • A screen shot of the control panel will not suffice

Queries relating to the functionality and transmission of spam reports

  • Customers Top level domain as depicted within our control panel
  • Recipient
  • Date/Time 
  • Original spam report attached (see section marked important)
  • Short description of the issue: 

Outlook Plugin Query
  • Plugin version (obtained by clicking on the 'Gear icon'
  • Plugin type  (All feature or No email archive)
  • End users email address and control panel password
  • End users operating system version
  • End users Outlook version
  • Short description of the issue
  • Confirm in advance that end users environment does not proxy outbound Web traffic or confirm in advance that a Web Filtering override is in place
  • Admin must provide outbound firewall logs , depicting successful outbound plugin traffic

Webfiltering Query

  • Customers Top level domain as depicted within our control panel
  • User
  • Web-filter group (if applicable):
  • Web URL: 
  • Time and date:
  • Browser version:
  • Error message:
  • Short description of the issue: 


If an email has already passed through (Exited) the filter as clean and has been delivered to the customers/end users mailbox/mail server, we will not be able to access the email as it has exited our system and now resides on the customers/end-users infrastructure.

Therefore if your query is in relation to:

  • false negative
  • false positive (if already released)
  • bounce back
  • formatting 
  • or functionality

we will require the original email as it arrived in the end users mailbox and the original bounce back if applicable (NDR). The original and disputed email should be sent as an attachment when initially raising your case to support@everycloudtech.com, but additionally CCing reportspam@everycloudtech.com

If it is not possible to provide the original email, you should as an alternative provide EveryCloud with the original email internet headers, un-corrupted through additional forwarding.

The email in question should not be forwarded or copied into the body of a newly composed email at any stage, as this will corrupt the internet headers and/or corrupt the functionality.