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EveryCloud Technologies Disaster Recovery Contingency

  1. We currently have 4 independent data centers, which load balance our serice with over 4024 individual relays divided between the 4 data centers. Each independant data center has a full mirror image database and so if one data center for some reason fails, each of the other 3 data centers can and already do, operate fully without any dependancy.

  2. In terms of power disaster, each individual data center has a full diesel powered contingency failover and a second ISP for ISP provider outages.

  3. If all else fails, we have also 2 seperate full mirrored backup databases that contain all customers settings data ,which are ISO 27001 certified for immediate re-implementation.

  4. In terms of front facing portal down time, we have auxilary control panels that can be brought online instantaneously, hosting in 3 different global locations, Ireland, Germany and the US.

We are very proud of our disaster recovery contingency plans.