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Email Archiving 


If you require EveryCloud Technologies email archiving service, there are mandatory requirements in order to ensure that you will be provided with an effective solution.

  • EveryCloud Technologies must be responsible for both inbound and outbound mail traffic before you activate email archiving. 
  • Your MX records must point to our service and you must send all mail traffic outbound through our smarthost

Details on how to route inbound and outbound email via EveryCloud are detailed at;


We can not provide our customers with an effective email archiving solution if you decide only to send either
  • inbound traffic through our relays or
  • outbound traffic through our relays


  • You cannot only send inbound traffic through our service and then set the journaling rules scope to capture both internally resolved emails and outbound emails sent from your mail server. Our archive importer does not function in this manner and your outbound emails would not be archived.

Details on setting up internal email archiving are detailed at;

To assist with the setup and configuration of the archiving service, we are able to provide a 1-to-1 call with an EveryCloud engineer where we can provide assistance with the setup and configuration of email journaling. To arrange this, please contact the EveryCloud support team requesting onboarding assistance with internal email archiving.