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Encypting hard drive (Historical email archive ingestion)

You can use Windows BitLocker using AES 256 bit encyption.

The default will always be AES 128 bit when using BitLocker but you can change this if you'd like that extra bit of encyption strength.

If you bring up a the RUN command (Window+R) and type:  gpedit.msc 

You will then be presented with: Local Group Policy Editor

  1. Click on Adminsatative Templates -> Windows Components
  2. Double click on 'BitLocker Drive Encyption' 
  3. Then to the left click on 'Choose drive encyption method and cipher strength
  4. Click enable
  5. Choose AES 256
  6. And apply

When you have finished the above instructions, insert the drive, password protect the drive and save the key for yourself somewhere secure. 

Then next -> choose to encypt the drive 

If you dont want to do all this, you can stick with the default 128 bit encyption strength