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Examples have been tested and verified
Please take note, that the compliance filter is the top level rules engine and rules deploy after 60-90 minutes
Any rules that are applied at a compliance filter level, will override all modular filtering, see rule structure here 

 ExpressionRule Type
Plain text explanation


You can use this expression in the From: field of the compliance filter to
match any TLD email envelope From: addresses with the .au end
suffix all inbound from testdomain.au subdomain.testdomain.com.au


You can use this expression in the From: field of the compliance filter 

to match any TLD envelope From: email addresses with the .au or 

.de end suffix end expression with \$ to ensure processing ends after 

the full string



You can use this expression to block the Chinese ISO character set as

(a header compliance filter rule)*

Block specific IP addresses with a wild card                             



Can be used to capture inbound emails to users (To:)  

An example would be: 

johnstrange@everycloudtech.com or jstrange@everycloudtech.com 

The domain is not evaluated, although you can extend the expression 

domain specific




Can be used to capture inbound emails to users (From) an envelope senders email address containing the exact words e-marketing within 

the domain name



Can be used to capture inbound emails to users (From) an email 

address from any Sub-domain









Used to capture multiple file extensions within the compliance filter 

attachment section Applied and tested with no false positives

Warning: you must add the word boundary \b

to stop processing otherwise if you define .xls the system will 

continue to process and look for .xlsm 


Can be used to capture emails with the subject of subject1 or subject2

 (\.*ECHOSIGN\b .* please sign\b.*)

Can be used to ensure that several keyword are contained within a
subject before a match is applied A single keyword will not activate
the rule, This is an inline AND statement

Captures MIME From senders
Can only be used as a header rule. Check your emails header to
construct additional rules based upon header entries.

Only possible rule to capture MIME senders: The Advanced Rule
(From) section captures the envelope sender/reply to address