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EveryCloud Technologies Support SLA's

EveryCloud Technologies support requests will be allocated to one of the below four categories once all of the required information is provided by our customers, as defined within EveryCloud Technologies 'Support ticket policy' available here; unfortunately failure to provide all the required information will protract a potential resolution and allocation to the correct category, please be sure to take a look at our Support ticket policy.

Our support staff will always endeavour to solve or provide you with a work around as swiftly as possible; EveryCloud support staff will never hide behind our support SLA's, as an example: if we can solve a low categorised case within 5 minutes we will do so rather than abide by our 4 day workaround defined SLA as it is both in EveryCloud Technologies interest and our valued customers;  the same mentality applies to all categorised cases.



Example definition: 

  • Customer wide mail flow fails, as a result of EveryCloud Technologies platform failure 
  • Global partial service failure 
  • Automated response within 15 minutes
  • Global announcement within 45 minutes upon confirmation
  • Service solution within 8 hours


Example definition:

  • Service impacting single user mail flow as a result of EveryCloud Technologies platform failure   
  • Global service add on disturbance (eg: Spam Reports)
  • Automated response within 15 minutes 
  • Service solution within 2 working days or alternative workaround maybe provided


Example Definition:

  • Header or Log query
  • Single or multiple False positive
  • Single or multiple False negative
  • Rule amendment (whereby impact is < 10 users)
  • White labelling
  • Disclaimer/footer issues
  • Script errors (Auto user creation script)
  • Automated response within 15 minutes   
  • Service solution within 4 working days


Example Definition:

  • Courtesy solutions (non service related) 
  • Non service standard requests
  • Development request


  • No SLA 


EveryCloud Technologies reserves the right to reallocate a support ticket to an alternative category if a temporary work around is provided.

On some occasions it may be necessary for us to request additional information (Such as request your mail servers SMTP protocol logs), perform a remote session, this is not meant as a delaying tactic, this is meant purely as a method to gain all the facts for accurate analysis of the issue.

On very rare occasions whereby an internal function is affecting an add on service, a thorough root cause analysis will be required as it will be un-advisable to patch an issue without ensuring the original issue is investigated.