EveryCloud Technologies   


Control Panel white labelling requirements

We will need 

  • Your logo with a transparent background : Max Dimensions 180 x 50 pixels : That's 180 Pixels in length and 50 Pixels in height.
  • Your gradient background colour scheme choice, for example (white to blue, white to red, white to green, white to black) 

Once we have received your logo and intended gradient colour scheme, EveryCloud will construct your control panel instance and send the front end file back to you, to be hosted on your own Web-server.

You can then of course choose your own URL by pointing the corresponding DNS 'A' record at your own Webserver for a domain/sub-domain that you own.

Webmail/Continuity service platform


If you will be using the Continuity Service or Creating POP mailboxes and require that your customers have Webmail access, you may require that the Webmail portal is also white labelled and reflects your branding. 

This will require additional steps, as it is hosted by us.

  • Firstly decide upon the URL for your webmail platform (eg: webmail.everycloudtech.com)
  • Then provision an SSL certificate for the Webmail URL you would like to protect.
  • To do this, you will need to generate a .CSR. You can do this on any server as long as you stipulate the intended URL you would like to protect at the Common Name prompt (you can use OpenSSL to perform this task)
  • Please make a note of all of the example details you input when provisioning the .CSR

         Country Name (2 letter code) [UK]:

         State or Province Name (Full name) :

         Locality Name (e.g. City) :

         Organization Name (e.g., Company): Examplecompany Limited

         Organizational Unit Name (e.g. Section): e.g. Continuity Service

         Common Name: webmail.examplecompany.com (URL, of your new Webmail service)

         Email: support@examplecompany.com

  • If you decide to also implement a challenge key upon CSR generation, please make sure you remember it.
  • Once you have taken your .CSR and applied to an organisation (CA) that supplies SSL certificates and paid for the certificate, you will need download the SSL certificate compatible with Ubuntu servers from the CA and pass the SSL certificate, the intermediate certificate and the .key file back to EveryCloud in .PEM format with the challenge password.
  • We will also need your Webmail logo and your Favicon. Logo: .png transparent one (width: 200 px Height: 51 px) and Favicon.ico

Once EveryCloud receive all the above, EveryCloud will provision your webmail platform and provide you with an IP address to which you should point your webmail URL to for access.