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This article applies to EveryClouds outbound smarthost.

  • EveryClouds outbound smarthost is an array of SMTP servers used for further processing of email.

  • EveryClouds Smart host is provided as a means to allow advanced message tracking within EveryClouds control panel Workspace.

  • Our smarthost is not a means to mask/hide the original TCP connecting IP of your mail server. In fact, an SMTP server used for further processing (our smathost) must abide by RFC standard 5321 and log the name of the source host presented within the EHLO command and the source IP of the original TCP connection within the email headers.




        ' 4.4. Trace Information 

           When an SMTP server receives a message for delivery or further processing, it MUST insert trace ("time stamp"   

           or "Received") information at the beginning of the message content, ....

           This line MUST be structured as follows: 


  • The FROM clause, which MUST be supplied in an SMTP environment, SHOULD contain both (1) the name of the source host as presented in the EHLO command and (2) an address literal containing the IP address of the source, determined from the TCP connection. '

Ref: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5321, accessed 16th March 2016 [Online]