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Here's how:

Once a customers account has been activated as EveryCloud's POP services and you have created all of your user email addresses, stay in the user tab and type within the 'User name' text box, the name of your intended distribution group/forward and then ensure that you select the radio button 'Forward'

For the purposes of this knowledge base article we will create the distribution group called info@

  1. Management tab 
  2. User tab 
  3. User sub tab 
  4. input user name / info 
  5. check the 'Forward' radio button 
  6. click the 'Add' button 
  7. Click the save button


Once you have saved you will see the forwarded has been created in a yellow colour with a grey forward arrow.



Then click on the 'User settings' tab and you will be presented with this box:

Then actively click on the forward info@ address within the pop up box and you will be presented with the forwards data.


Insert each/all of the email addresses that you require on a separate line within the 'Forwards' box as displayed and click save and allow 60 minutes to deploy. 

This will now act as a forward/distribution group and any inbound emails destined for the forward/distribution group address, will be distributed to your customers POP mailboxes on our system.