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Infomail filter


EveryCloud Technologies provide an optional propriety Bulk email, Newsletter filter called the Infomail filter.

The info-mail filter is an aggressive filter that contains over 15,000 individual Bulk email and Newsletter heuristics, which can be triggered individually or indeed multiple heuristics can be triggered in tandem .

Generally Bulk emails and Newsletter are not fundamentally malicious in nature, but please be advised that the info-mail filter does not differentiate between malicious Bulk email and Newsletters and genuine Bulk email and News letters, it is simply a filter that filters out all Bulk email and Newsletters, regardless if the sender reputation is positive. However, please note that a negative sender reputation will also be evaluated if user complaints have been upheld.

In addition, EveryCloud also monitors all multi connection senders platform wide, monitoring specifically the number of simultaneous connections deriving from a given source within a short period and in some instances the aggressive and optional info-mail filter will define multi connection senders as Info-mail , which will on occasions inevitably cause some false positives .  It is for that reason EveryCloud has not deployed the Info-mail filter as a mandatory filter and therefore the info-mail filter remains an optional preference both at a customer level and individual user level.

EveryCloud's Info-mail filter additionally contains some heuristics that are very similar in nature to platform wide spam filtering heuristics. That means on occasions whereby EveryCloud's users have reported emails that they consider to be unsolicited via our control panel or Outlook plugin facility as info-mail, the mail signatures will be added to the Info-mail heuristics.

Although EveryCloud always monitors users automatic reporting of info-mail via the above methods, on occasions, as a result of the automatic reporting function, an email maybe captured as info-mail even if other platform users consider the same email as having traits associated with spam heuristics.

Spam filtering Ref: http://support.everycloud.com/solution/articles/4000092287-spam-filtering 

Mass newsletters and infomail abuse reports will lead to the senders connecting ranges being blocked for poor reputation.

Please remember that the info-mail filter is an aggressive optional filter which scans all incoming email without exception.