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What is spam email

Very generally, spam email is defined as unsolicited email.

What is the definition of the word, unsolicited ?

The Oxford dictionary defines the Adjective word, unsolicited as 'Not asked for; given or done voluntarily'.

EveryCloud does not define spam as 'Not asked for' but alternatively, EveryCloud defines spam as being 'unwanted' .

We define spam as being unwanted, because in today's mail environment, recipients do receive many emails that they have not specifically asked for ('Not asked for; given or done voluntarily') but paradoxically, users do find incredibly informative and useful.


It is because of this conflict, that all global email filtering organisations find it incredibly complex to create accurate spam filtering heuristics. The main reason for the complexity is because of individual user preferences.

An extreme example of user preferences: 

One user may consider a 'Not asked for' email from a previously unknown sender, sending a cooking recipe as unwanted spam, whilst a user in the same mailing environment whose hobby is cooking, may find the 'Not asked for' email useful and informative.

Summary: what one user considers to be spam , another user may not consider spam. 


How does any system know that an email has 'Not been asked for' ; the true answer is: no system can know this.

How does any system know that an email is unwanted; the true answer is:  by retrospective user feedback and signature prediction systems.


Considering all of the above, the following counter measures have been developed and deployed within EveryCloud's modular spam filter:  

EveryCloud implements a spam recognition system that is devised using known unwanted spam signatures, multiple, possible morphed variants of known unwanted spam signatures and in addition, the deployment of artificial intelligent morph prediction signatures.

EveryCloud also partners with multiple other service providers in order to communicate and share heuristics globally

G-data and Clam


Spam signatures are multiple and are constantly evolving / morphing; what one person considers spam is not automatically considered spam by other users and their are no system world wide, that can 100 % guarantee, all previously unknown spam signatures can be captured, identified and quarantined, without causing multiple false positives. 

EveryCloud are constantly developing and creating new unwanted spam predictive heuristics, which can be deployed globally with minimal delay.

In some instances, EveryCloud's additional and optional propriety Info-mail filter may also contain Bulk email and Newsletter signatures that very strongly correlate with some of EveryCloud modular spam filter signatures due to end user reporting capabilities via our Outlook plugin and end user control panel access.

This is inadvertently caused, by some end users reporting unwanted spam emails as info-mail .

Info-mail filter ref: http://support.everycloud.com/solution/articles/4000092265-info-mail-filter