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EveryCloud Email Archive Audit Access 

If a customer subscribes to our email archiving service an administrator can access the body / MIME content of all email and indeed release any emails to the auditors own mailbox for inspection.

In order to set up audit access , follow the these instructions

  1. login to the control panel with your partner / customer details 
  2. Navigate to the 'Management' tab 
  3. find the customer you wish to apply the functionality to and click on that customer . If you are the customer you will only see you own domain
  4. You will then have displayed , several options to the right of the screen , Click on the 'Email' tab 
  5. Click on the 'Archiving' sub tab 
  6. Click on the ' Audit access' sub tab

Image 1



Now that you have the auditing tab settings you can define the variables in the drop down menus before saving.

  1. Activate audit access Tick box
  2. 'Choose user'  this will be an existing users email address that you will be granting full email archive audit access to ; click on the 'Choose user' box to select a auditor
  3. Now some time/date variables: 'Audit-access active' Choose how long the auditor should have audit access
  4. Access to emails: Choose a date range of emails that the auditor should have access to
  5. Choose control user: choose a second existing user in the organisation that can act as verification, you will need to know the control panel password for this second user , as the auditor will be asked for the password later
  6. Importantly 'Save' your settings

Image 2


Once saved , log out of the control panel and log back into the control panel with the auditors control panel end user email address you stipulated in image 2,  # '2'

  1. Once logged in as the auditor end user , click on the 'Email archive' tab
  2. Click on the 'Start auditing' tab
  3. You will see a security pop up window asking for the password of the 'Control user' as defined in image 2 , #5 enter the password and click 'OK' -  the control panel will return a view of all emails customer wide

Image 3




  • The auditor can view the body content of emails by clicking on the preview button

  • The auditor can select an email using the tick box to the far right and click the deliver button; a copy of the email will be sent to the auditors address and the initial recipient will not know this has occurred, as no copy will be sent to the original recipient

  • You can change direction of the archived emails mail flow and also perform the delivery action and a copy of the original outbound email will be sent to the auditors email address, the recipient and sender will also have no knowledge that a copy has been released to the auditors address