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EveryCloud envisage the completion of the  HTML5 Control Panel early to mid 2020. All End user functionality is now complete, and we are currently working on completing the management section, which is having a complete overhaul. Please note the latest information at the bottom of this article. 

In order to login into the new HTML5 Control Panel (CP) https://cp.everycloudtech.com or your custom address, (controlpanel.yourdomainname.com) as an Administrator. You must first ensure that you have the following in place: 

  1. A registered CP email address (User) and Password.
  2. Required Administrative rights assigned.

For a user to be able to login to the HTML5 CP, the user must already exist within the CP Postboxes list and must have a valid password.

Please note that any domain username or partner access username previously used will no longer be valid and will not provide access to the new CP.

Here are some of the reasons the login has been updated:

  • You no longer need to share a password if there is more than one user with administrator rights required within your company.
  • Auditing is more detailed and accurate.
  • If an employee leaves the company, you no longer are required to change the password.

Confirm you have an email address registered in the CP and password

To confirm the existence of the required User go to Management > Postboxes. Here you can see the list of Users known to the CP. 

If you wish to change the password, click on User Settings > select the User, complete the password field and click Save.

Additional information on User creation can be found in our knowledgebase article here: https://support.everycloud.com/support/solutions/articles/4000045595-usercreation

Assign the required rights to the User

To assign the required rights for a user in the CP, go to Management > Settings > Rights Management. Here you can see the Roles available (Please stick to Standard Roles during the migration).

To assign the required role to the User, go to Advanced Settings select the User and Role and click then Save.

Additional information on assigning custom rights can be found in our knowledgebase article here: https://support.everycloud.com/support/solutions/articles/4000082537-customized-user-permissions-.

Latest Information: 

That’s new:

  • The Module ‘Advanced Threat Protection’ under ‘Security Settings’ was implemented as an HTML module and is clearer and easier to handle now.
  • Additionally, ‘Groups’, ‘Domains’ and ‘Restrictions’ under ‘Customer Settings’ were implemented as HTML modules as well.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Display errors in the user settings were fixed.
  • Newly created users can be found in the scope search now.
  • The spam report email was adjusted and extended by one option.
  • Adjusting the visibility and the columns of the tables in some modules is saved correctly with the release.
  • A bug within the creation of out of office notes has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to withdraw rights from the role management for yourself.

The HTML 5 Control Panel Manual is now available. The Latest version is available to download as a PDF here.