How can I find about more about what is causing a specific alert?

Click on the alert within the alerts section to see more detail about the problem. In the case of rejected email this will include the SMTP codes and rejection detail.

When do alerts close?

Alerts are marked as closed once we start seeing emails successfully being delivered again to your mail server (inbound alerts) or received back to us (roundtrip alerts). If we still can’t make successful tests they will be marked as ‘ongoing’.

Can I add multiple domains?

Yes, but you’ll need a partner account. Partners can add as many domains as you wish. Just complete the sign-up form selecting partner when asked.

Why are my graphs empty?

We probably don’t have any data to report yet. Once the pings start cycling, we’ll have the data to display in the graphs. Keep checking the dashboard to see them being populated.

How can you offer the product for free?

EveryCloud is an email filtering provider. We offer this free service, in the hope that you will look at our highest rated paid services when you’re in need of spam and virus filtering.