EveryCloud Technologies

Inbound Email Requirements

Firewall / Receive connector configuration

To prevent the direct delivery of emails to your mail server, we strongly recommend that you configure your Firewall or mail server receive connector to accept SMTP connections on port 25 from only EveryCloud Technologies IP ranges, as listed below.

All Customers

Once your firewall/receive connector is locked down to the above IP ranges, use our firewall tester here to ensure your infrastructure accepts connections from our IP ranges.

MX Records

Once the firewall is configured to allow your mail server to receive e-mails from EveryCloud, the next step is to change the MX records. Before you do this, however, we recommend you double check the key settings in the control panel.

  • Are all your alias domains set up?

  • Are all your Users setup

  • Is your mail server’s IP or hostname correct?

  • Has the outgoing mail server IP address been entered and approved?

  • Has the spam report been set up with your chosen delivery times?

Please note that we strongly recommend that you allow at least 90 minutes for a New domain and settings to propagate through our global infrastructure.

You will then need to change the MX records for the domains you have configured.

MX Record Syntax:

Priority 10: mx101.us.everycloudtech.com

Priority 20: mx102.us.everycloudtech.com

Priority 30: mx103.us.everycloudtech.com

Priority 40: mx104.us.everycloudtech.com

Not sure how to change your MX records? Here's how for the most popular domain hosts.


Outbound Email Requirements

Send connector configuration

Please ensure that you have inserted the correct public facing, sending/relaying IP address in your control panel account. Then Please configure your send connector to send outbound through our dedicated Smart-host:


You may connect to our Smart Host on port 25

By inserting your public facing sending IP address into the relays section, outgoing messages are checked for viruses or content policy compliance before being delivered to the recipient. For relaying, EveryCloud uses a hostname cluster with a variety of load balancers connected.

If your sending/relaying IP address is not contained/inserted within your control panel account, our system will not allow you send outbound through our smart-host.