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EveryCloud envisages the completion of the  HTML5 Control Panel in early 2020. In anticipation of this The HTML 5 Control Panel Manual is now available. 

The latest version of the manual is available here: https://cp.everycloudtech.com/manual/en/wl/partner/ 

There is also a link available on the Control Panel in the top information bar next to our support contact information as shown in the below screenshot:

Please note that In order to login into the new HTML5 Control Panel (CP) https://cp.everycloudtech.com or your custom address, (controlpanel.yourdomainname.com) as an Administrator. You must first ensure that you have the following in place: 

  1. A registered CP email address (User) and Password.
  2. Required Administrative rights assigned.

Further information regarding how to migrate to the New Control panel can be found here.

If you require any further information, our Support team is always happy to help. Contact details can be found here.