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The Following article will provide a guideline on how to Blacklist a sender. Please read it carefully.

Our Support team are available to help you contact details can be found Here.

Black-list:  Deny List (a list of senders, you consider to be spam senders)

Blacklist: If you add a senders email address or sending domain to your black-list, all future emails that our system receives from the sender, will be automatically classified as spam.

To Blacklist a sender you have two options.

Using the Control Panel:

First find the offending email and check the box on the far left of it.

Once selected go to the drop down box in the user options field and choose blacklist sender

Once selected press the "Perform action" button.

You will then get a dialogue box to let you know if listing was successful or if it failed. 

Using the Outlook Plugin:

The Outlook Plugin is available for Windows clients running Outlook 2010 or higher, and can be downloaded and installed from here: https://support.everycloud.com/support/solutions/articles/4000072807-everycloud-outlook-plugin-all-features-

In Outlook, select the message(s) that need to be added to the blacklist and click the blacklist button:

Click 'Yes' to add the sender email address(es) to your blacklist:

A notification will appear to indicate that the entries have been added:

Reject Mails from Sender.

If you want to reject any emails rather than have them tagged as spam you will need to create a compliance filter rule for the sender. more information on how to use the Compliance Filter is here: