ThunderBird will prompt you for the very basic settings when you first launch it

**If you are not launching it for the first time and need to add an account you will go to File>New>Existing Account**

You should see something like this: 

Put in your first and last name, your email address, and Control Panel password. 

Then you will press continue, Thunderbird will now try to autoconfigure itself. In most cases this will not work and you will see the following message:

To get Thunderbird to connect to our mail servers you will need to put in the following information



Port 143


Authentication: Autodetect



Port: 587


Authentication: Autodetect

Username for incoming and outgoing will be your full email address: 

Now click the Re-Test Button

Authentication will update to Normal Password once it has made proper configuration exchanges with our servers. and the Done button will become usable. Click, on Done and you should be all set to use Thunderbird