To configure and launch a campaign, click the "Campaigns" entry in the navigation sidebar.

  • Name - The name of the campaign
  • Email Template - Select the email that will be sent to campaign recipients. Click on the preview button to check. 
  • From Address - If you wish to override the from address, enter the one you want here.
  • Landing Page - The page that users will see when they click the link in the email template. 
  • Launch Date - This is the date that the campaign will begin. 
  • Send Emails By - This is the date all emails will be sent by. 
  • Set Business Hours - If you wish emails just to be sent within your organization's business hours, add the details here.
  • Sending Domain - Choose from one of our pre-configured sending domains. 
  • Groups - This defines which groups of recipients will be included in the campaign.