Phishing Simulator supports scheduling campaigns, making it easy to plan campaigns in advance. There are two fields to consider when scheduling campaigns: Launch Date and Send Emails By date.

The Launch Date is when Phishing Simulator will start sending emails. By default, Phishing Simulator assumes you want the campaign to launch immediately and that all emails should be sent immediately after launch and as quickly as possible. If you wish to spread the emails over a period of time, set the Send Emails By date to tell Phishing Simulator to distribute emails evenly between the launch date and whatever date you specify.

Launching the Campaign

Once the campaign is configured and you’re ready to launch, click the "Launch Campaign" button and click through the confirmation messages. Depending on your scheduling settings, Phishing Simulator will either launch the campaign immediately or will schedule it to be launched whenever you’ve specified.

Viewing Campaign Results

When a campaign is launched, you are automatically redirected to the campaign results screen:

On the results page, you will see overview information on the campaign status as well as detailed results for each target.