Completing a Campaign

To mark the campaign as completed, click the "Complete" button and confirm.

Deleting a Campaign

To delete a campaign, click the "Delete" button and confirm.

Note: This cannot be undone, so be careful when deleting a campaign!

Viewing Result Details

To view the campaign results in a timeline format for each recipient, expand the row with the recipient's name.

The results pane shows what a campaign recipient did—such as opening the email, clicking the link or attempting to submit data from the landing page.

Phishing Simulator also records information about the device that clicked the link or submitted data. This data is parsed from the browser's user-agent string. The operating system and browser version is displayed below the event details.

Viewing Captured Credentials

If you selected the "Capture Credentials" option when building a landing page, Phishing Simulator displays the credentials in the results pane. To view them, click the "View Details" dropdown.