Let's educate!

The EveryCloud Security Awareness platform educates staff on security and compliance topics to vastly reduce the risk of successful attacks. We've created (and continually update) a library of short, actionable videos and couple this with pre-set or custom questions for staff to answer, so you can check they've understood. Videos are short because studies* have shown that learning is maximized by shorter sessions and this also allows the combining of topics and videos into a single training campaign. 

Topics range from phishing (including real examples seen in our Email Security business) to creating strong passwords to CEO Fraud. We welcome any ideas for new videos; so if you have a suggestion, just mention it to your Account Manager.

Launching Your First Campaign

The fastest way to launch your first campaign is to copy one of our prebuilt templates. We've created various campaigns that already include questions and answers you can simply copy, edit as you wish and send out to your users.

1. Select a campaign to copy. Click on the campaigns menu item and change the filter to "Public".

2. Choose the campaign you wish to copy, and click the "Copy Campaign Button" to the right. 

3. Rename the campaign, add some users (for information on bulk import and phishing simulation users visit this article) and edit the questions and answers if you wish. 

4. Click "Launch Campaign" to send it out.

Users listed in the campaign will have an account created if they don't already have one and be sent an email (information on whitelisting our IPs here) informing them about the training. When they click on the link in the email, they'll need to set a password (if it's their first time) and will then be taken to the training page, where they can watch the video(s) and answer the questions (if included). Once they submit the answers, they'll get feedback and you'll be able to track their results from the campaign detail page. 

* Less Is More: Latent Learning Is Maximized by Shorter Training Sessions in Auditory Perceptual Learning