There maybe occasions when Google catches one of our Landing pages as suspicious. In order to prepare for these rare occurrences, we recommend that you implement the following Chrome GPO's to whitelist our pages.

When we hear of reports of this, we ask Google to whitelist the domain.

However you can set up policy templates to control Chrome Browser on managed Windows computers. You use the Group Policy Management Editor to set up the policies.

Tip: For detailed steps, see the Chrome Browser Deployment Guide for Windows.

Step 1: Add the Chrome Browser policy template.

You can currently use Group Policy to control over 200 policies in a chrome.admx file. When you load the file, each policy is active with a default setting (Not Configured) that can be modified at any time.

To add the policy template:

  1. Open the downloaded Chrome Browser bundle and go to Configuration > admx.
  2. Copy the google.admx and chrome.admx files to your Policy Definition template folder. (Example: C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions)
  3. In the admx folder, open the appropriate language folder. For example, if you’re in the U.S., open the en-US folder.
  4. Copy the google.adml and chrome.adml files to the matching language folder in your Policy Definition folder. (Example: C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US)
  5. Open Group Policy to confirm the files loaded correctly. If an error occurs, it’s usually because the files are in an incorrect location. Check the locations and confirm again.

Step 2: Set policies

To create the policy

  1. Download the attached Zip file, and expand to a temporary folder<
  2. Open Group Policy Manager and make a new GPO and give it a Name,
  3. Right click on the GPO and Choose Import settings
  4. Click Next(twice)
  5. Browse to the expanded Zip file location
  6. Click Next
  7. Confirm the File Name is EveryCloud SAT - Chrome Settings
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Finish
  10. Click OK to confirm import complete

You should now be able to assign the GPO to the relevant OU  

Note: - the GPO is s computer GPO

If you have any issues with the download or contents please contact our support team on who will be very happy to help.