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Whitelisting in Barracuda

If you whitelist EveryCloud on your Email Security Gateway by Barracuda, then our simulated phishing test emails, as well as our training notifications, can easily get through to your end-users. Read this PAGE to see our latest list of IP addresses. 

How to whitelist EveryCloud on Barracuda's Email Security Gateway by IP address

Follow these steps to whitelist EveryCloud's mail servers by IP

  1. Login to Barracuda's Email Security Gateway user interface

  2. Proceed to the BLOCK/ACCEPT > IP Filters webpage

  3. Go to the Allowed IP/Range sector, click on the IP/Network Address and enter the first EveryCloud mail server IP.

  4. Type into the Netmask input field.

  5. You can choose to add a note in the comment field. An example is 'EveryCloud Simulated Phishing IP"

  6. Select "Add" to finish whitelisting the mail server IP address.

  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for every EveryCloud mail server IP address found in the link above.

Barracuda Intent Analysis

Barracuda's Intent Analysis feature can make changes to the URL in the simulated phishing tests, this could result in inaccurate phishing test results. Whitelisting EveryCloud in Barracuda's Intent Analysis can prevent this from happening, see the article below to learn more about the process:



Barracuda Sender Authentication

To spoof your own domain during simulated phishing tests, you have to exclude Trusted Forwarder IP addresses from the usual SPF checks. Barracuda has an article that shows you how to do this, read it here: https://campus.barracuda.com/product/emailsecuritygateway/doc/3866643/sender-authentication