How to Whitelist EveryCloud in Fortinet's FortiGate

FortiGate Fortinet allows you to configure its FortiGate web filter to give you access to EveryCloud's phishing and landing domains. If your users experience difficulties when visiting our landing domains, it could be as a result of a failed phish test. This problem can be resolved by whitelisting EveryCloud in Fortigate's web filter.

We have compiled step-by-step guidelines for whitelisting EveryCloud based on FortiGate's Static URL Filter article.

If whitelisting EveryCloud proves to be difficult, we advise you to contact FortiGate for more detailed instructions. Our customer support team is also happy to render any assistance, you can reach the support team.


Static URL Filter

Adding our phishing and landing domains to your Static URL Filter list in your Fortigate firewall will give you access to our domains. FortiGate's web filter automatically allows any URL specified in the Static URL Filter.

Here is How You can Whitelist EveryCloud in FortiGate:

1.      Contact EveryCloud's support team [CHANGE LINK] and ask for an updated list of EveryCloud's phish and landing domains.

2.      Go to Security Profiles and click on Web Filter.

3.      You can choose to create a new web filter or edit an already existing one.

4.      Click on the Static URL Filter to expand it, enable URL Filter. If you want to create a new filter, select Create.

5.      Input the URLs, leaving out the https://, e.g

·         Input all our phish and landing domains that were provided by our support team

6.      Choose Type: Simple

7.      When selecting the Action to take against matching URLs: choose Allow

8.      Check that Status is enabled.