If your company uses McAfee’s (or MX Logic) mail filter and spam protection services, our simulated phishing tests and training notifications might not get to your end-users. Whitelisting EveryCloud’s IP addresses as “Allowed Senders” can help you resolve this. Another solution is to whitelist our mail server hostnames in this area but we often recommend whitelisting our IP addresses instead.

Follow the steps below to change your policy-level Allowed Senders list. Note that this modification will permit incoming emails sent from the three IP addresses to bypass all filters and checks (including the spam and content filters) with the exception of the virus checks in McAfee/MX Logic.


Step 1) Login to McAfee/MX Logic’s Control Console. Upon login, click on the Email Protection tab, then click on the Policies tab.

Step 2) Highlight the inbound policy you want to modify. Click on Edit.

Step 3) Select the Allow/Deny tab. Locate the Add Address box and input our IP addresses. Check this article[ADD LINK] for an updated list of our IP addresses. 

Step 4) We recommend that you tick the Bypass attachment policy checkbox so you can send your own phishing tests with attachments on them.

Step 5) Click on Add.

Step 6) Click on Save. The new policy should be implemented within 20 minutes.