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The Following article will provide a guideline on how to setup the EveryCloud Mail Flow Monitor. Please read it carefully.

Our Support team are available to help you contact details can be found Here.

Initial Setup


Step 1.

Update your firewall settings (only if using direct connection to your mail server, if you’re using MX records skip this step) Log into your firewall admin area or mail server’s Receive Connector and configure it to accept SMTP connections on your chosen port from EveryCloud Technologies IP ranges here: Subnet IP Subnet Mask Net Mask IP Range 107.170168.72 /32 /24 - /20 - 

Step 2.

Whitelist our sender servers if you're using spam filtering (only if using MX records path, if you’re sending directly to your mail server then skip this step) Add the following domains to your spam filter whitelist: everycloud.us mailflow.everycloud.com everycloud.com roundtrip.everycloud.com 

Step 3.

Create a test mailbox; everycloud_mfm@yourdomain.com and setup a forwarding rule to forward_mfm@everycloudtech.biz Our service will regularly send an email to this mailbox, allowing us to check that your mail server is functioning correctly. We’ll then process the emails as they come back to us and record the time taken. We’ll alert you if there are delays. How to set up forwards in Exchange? 

Step 4.

Share the Mailflow Monitor for 5 min Pings Use these buttons to share the service and we'll continue checking your server every 5 minutes rather than 10! 

Step 5.

Test the setup. Click on ‘Send Test' and we’ll fire off an email to check it comes back to us. Once this step is completed successfully you’ll be able to access the dashboard.

More Information


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